Lesser Grain Borer

Lesser Grain Borer
The adults are about an eighth of an inch long, with cylindrical dark brown or black bodies. With a ten power glass, you can see the

tiny pits on their wing covers. They are recognizable without magnification because their heads are bent downward and cannot be seen from overhead.

Both adults and larvae are important pests of all kinds of stored grain. Both attack and feed upon whole grains. The larvae may also feed on flour products as well as whole grains. Larvae complete development inside grain kernels. Adults have very powerful jaws that can also bore into wood as well as whole grains.

The female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, making her quite prolific. She lays her eggs, singly or in clusters, directly in the product. Larvae will feed on grain products themselves, but can also bore directly into grain themselves. The larva bores directly inside the kernel and pupates. Adults have very powerful jaws and can bore into wood as well as grain. They are not structural pests, however.

Control in residences are controlled by clean up and the application of residual insecticides. Commercial establishments will generally need fumigants and a professional exterminator to control this problem.
Stored food / pantry / product pest

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