Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites are found in Pacific and adjacent states, the desert or semi-arid southwest, and southern Florida

They invade damp, sometimes decaying, wood, such as logs, stumps, and dead trees that are still standing. One species is found in the dead limbs of living trees. Dampwood termites move into buildings where wood is in contact with the ground, or where there is a leaky pipe or other source of continual moisture.

Dampwood termite nymphs are up to 3/4 in long, swarmers up to 1 in (25mm) long.
Most of these species are larger than the eastern/western/subterranean termites

Pellets are about 1/32 in (1 mm) long, the color of the wood being eaten. They have a long oval shape, like those of drywood termites but with the six sides flattened. However, they may be round or sphere shaped if the wood is very moist.
Wood destroying

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