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Katydids belong to the family Tettigoniidae
Katydid is a type of long-horned grasshopper. Its name comes from the love call of the male of a certain species in the Eastern United States. Most katydids are about 2 inches (5 centimeters) long. They have large wings that fold over their back. In some species, the threadlike antennae are longer than the body. Many katydids are shaped like leaves, and the veins in their wings look like the veins of leaves. Most katydids live in trees and bushes, and feed on leaves and young twigs. Other katydids eat decaying vegetation and dead insects. A few katydids will capture and eat other insects. Katydids lay their flat, oval, slate-gray eggs from early fall until frost appears. Many of them lay their eggs in double, overlapping rows on the edges of leave and on twigs. The eggs hatch the next spring. Young katydids are long-legged. They look like adult katydids but have no wings.

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