Citronella Ants

Photo ©Donny Oswalt Budget Pest Control (Alabama)
Citronella Ants

Size: Up to 3/8-inch long. Color: Citronella Ants are golden yellow in color. The winged female swarmers are also golden yellow but the winged males are black.

The citronella ant is sometimes called the "large yellow ant," but its real name derives from the strong citronella odor emitted from its body. These ants are subterranean in nature. They feed on the honeydew produced by aphids and bugs, which feed on the roots of trees and other plants. The winged reproductives, called swarmers, enter buildings in early- to mid-spring. These males and females enter the home from cracks in the foundation or through subslab heating ducts. The swarmers also have the strong, characteristic citronella odor.

Citronella ants construct their colonies within the soil under items such as logs, stones, and timbers. They also can be found in the soil under mulch next to building foundations, or underneath slab floors and in crawl spaces.

Photo © Pioneer Pest Managment 4119 Brick Schoolhouse Road Hamlin, NY

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