Norway Rats

Norway Rat

Rats are found everywhere on earth where man is. They are one of the most adaptable animals that are alive today, and the most intelligent of the rodents. Rats are able to discern different human personalities and a pet white rat (which is the same species as a wild rat) easily learns the difference between it's regular handler and a stranger. The Norway rat are the predominant species around the world.

Contrary to what most people assume, rats are not overgrown mice. Although they are both rodents, the similarity stops there. Rats are infinitely more intelligent than mice, and completely different in almost every respect. Mice are just not intelligent or long-lived enough enough to learn about traps.

Rats, however, are very shy and will therefore avoid new objects in their territory - which means that trapping rats can take special skills. If a rat escapes from a trap by chewing off it's tail, or sees another rat caught in your trap, it will be difficult to catch any more. And you will never catch the alpha (king) rat in a trap.

Rats are intelligent, communal animals that live together, as opposed to mice, which are territorial and will not tolerate any other mice in their territory. Communal animals, such as rats, will learn from each other, often share food supplies, and are much more successful because of this.
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