Bumble Bee
Large black bees with hairy abdomens

Bumble bees are very similar in appearance to carpenter bees however, they are more closely related to honey bees in their habits. Each bumble bee nest has one queen. The queen is about the same size as the average carpenter bee, about 3/4 inch long, while the brood are smaller, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch long. Their nests are much smaller than most honey bee nests, with an average of 200 bumble bees to a nest. Bumble bee nests are built in hollow voids in the ground or hollow trees. Occasionally they will nest in wall voids or crawl spaces in houses. Many times their nests will be found under sheds and in agricultural buildings. Each nest is started by the queen in the Spring and is only used for one season. Like other bees the females are the only ones with stingers. They rarely attack or sting unless they are prevoked or they sense their nest is in danger. They are a very beneficial insect in that they pollinate many flowers and other plants. They should not be killed unless their nests are situated where they pose a human threat.

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