House crickets

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House cricket, Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus)
The common name comes from the fact that these crickets often enter houses where they can survive indefinitely. Having been introduced from Europe, this species is found throughout the United States .

Adults about 3/4-7/8" . Color light yellowish brown with 3 dark crossbands on head. Antennae threadlike, longer than body. Wings lay flat on the back. Nymphs look like adults except smaller, and lack wings .

House crickets have a wide range of food choices and can damage fabrics typically surface feed, leaving the surface roughened from pulling or picking the fibers loose while feeding.

These crickets have some very definite preferences in habitat. They are largely nocturnal, hiding away during the day. Their resting place preference is strongly for vertical surfaces close together.

A tell-tale sign of these crickets is an incredible amount of small, black droppings resembling coffee grounds.
Occasional invaders | Fabric and carpet

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