Turkestan cockroaches

Turkestan cockroach Blatta lateralis (walker)
The common name comes from its having been collected in the Asian province of Turkestan. Its distribution is Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, the Soviet Central Asia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and the United States. In the United States it is established in San Joaqnin, California , El Paso, Texas, and Maricopa and Pima county, Arizona. This species was introduced into California and Texas with the household goods of military personnel when they returned from the Middle East. Little is known about this species, but its biology is reported to be similar to that of the oriental cockroach. Adult males about 1/2-7/8" long whereas, females about 3/4-1"long. Male with wings brownish yellow, female body dark brown to black. The Turkestan cockroach is a desert species which also inhabits semi-desert locations and sometimes lives under moist conditions. It is found both outdoors and inside structures. This species is common in sewer systems.

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