Rice Weevils
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The adults are about an eighth of an inch long, dull reddish-brown in color, with four red or yellow spots on their wing covers and irregular round pits on their pronotum. The head is an elongated snout.
Rice weevils are primarily grain feeders, but will attack almost any kind of whole grain, as well as nuts, beans, and even some fruits. The are more common in the southern states, but they can actually be found all over the world. They are strong, accomplished fliers, and will fly from one field to another, infesting grains before the actual harvest.
The female bores a hole in the kernel and deposits an egg, and she can lay up to 400 eggs in her lifetime. She seals the egg inside the kernel with a material she excretes, sealing the egg up inside the kernel. The larva hatches within 72 hours, and then starts feeding, within the kernel, and molting four times before pupating. The white, legless larva, with a dark head, are only found within the seeds they are infesting so you usually don't see them. The entire life cycle takes only a month or so.
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