Drugstore Beetles
Stored Product Pest

The adults, the ones you will usually see, are small, about an eighth of an inch long, light brown or even red in color and have a "humpback" appearance. They look almost identical to the
Cigarette beetle. The wing covers of the Drugstore beetle have distinct grooves running from front to back. Cigarette beetles have smooth wing covers. Larvae of Drugstore beetles are hairless, the Cigarette beetle larvae look like they have a fuzzy coat
Drugstore beetles feed on all kinds of foods and spices, including leather and furs, hair, drugs and books. Depending on conditions, they can have as many as four generations per year. Normally, however, they have one generation per year in residential situations, so they are rather long-lived.
The females lay their eggs in singles, in the product they are infesting. The larval stage can last as long as five months, followed by a relatively short period of less than three weeks in the pupal stage.
Infested food products should be discarded, other materials, such as books and manuscripts can be fumigated.
Stored food / pantry / product pests

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