Roundheaded Borers

Asian Longhorned Beetle
The adult roundheaded borers, also known as longhorned beetles are 1/3 to 3 inches long, and attracted to dying, freshly cut or recently-killed trees. Eggs are laid in the bark crevices of the green (unseasoned) wood with larvae tunnelling throughout the wood for a year or longer. The amount of feeding depends on the wood moisture and surrounding temperature. After larvae pupate, adults emerge with large amounts of sawdust exuded from the circular exit holes (diameter of a pencil or larger.)

Sometimes these large, multi-colored, strikingly-patterned beetles emerge in the home in January and February when firewood is stored indoors.

Except for the old house borer, none of the other roundheaded borers will infest structural or interior wood in the house. Larvae of the old house borer feeds on seasoned softwoods, preferring pine, spruce and fir.
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