Wood Cockroaches

Photo University of Michigan
The adults of the wood cockroach are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, brown, and the outer edges of the wings are pale. The adult cockroaches are capable flyers, and they frequently fly to lights at night-especially the warm nights of early spring and fall.

The wood cockroach lives outdoors in the leaf litter and debris of wooded areas. The adult cockroaches are active during the spring and fall, and are frequently found in houses at this time. In the spring these insects are probably attracted to outside lights at night. In the fall the adults are probably brought into the house with firewood.

Females deposit egg cases outdoors under bark of old logs and stumps. Females produce about 30 capsules containing up to 32 eggs each. The egg incubation period is about one month, with nymphs hatching in the summer, overwintering and maturing the following spring. In some cases the life cycle takes about two years.

Do not infest houses-they are simply casual or accidental invaders.

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Occasional invaders

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