Maize weevils

Maize weevils are mostly pests in the southern and temperate zones, in fields, of cereal grains mostly, but given a chance, will infest finished products. The adults are accomplished fliers, but cannot normally overwinter, outside, in the temperate zone. They can survive a few hours at freezing temperatures and will survive in heated storage facilities.

The females lay their three to four hundred eggs by using their ovipositor to insert one egg into each seed or kernel. Eggs hatch in a few days, and the larvae will eat the inside of their kernel, pupating inside. The entire life cycle takes one to two months, depending on temperature.

Their life cycle takes no less than a month or so, and is quite similar to the Rice weevil. Maize weevils are larger and better fliers than the Rice weevils.

They are easily controlled by disposal of the product and a clean up campaign. In commercial storage situations, fumigation may be necessary.
Stored food / pantry / product pest

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